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How to make Ambari quick links to point to knox gateway links

Hello, I followed the steps given in the link: but still the URL's point to old URL's (not knox ones)

Can you please give me the steps to configure the quicklinks in Ambari to point to knox URL's (for Jobhistory, sparkhistory, hdfs, oozie etc).





Hello Sanjeev,

You can follow the steps mentioned in the post you mentioned (updating quicklinks.json file).

In the quicklinks.json file for the quicklinks that you want to go through Knox (assuming they are supported by Knox) update them to Knox specific links. e.g. for hdfs ui change

"url": "%@://%@:%@" to "url": "https://<knox_host>:<knox_port>/gateway/default/hdfs/"

Update the topology name according to your configuration.



After manking the changes, I had to restart Ambari-server and agents for the cache to get updated.

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