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Installation NiFi


i installed HDP 2.5 on a cluster composed by 2 nodes through Ambari Server. Now, I want to install NiFi through Amabari Server Web Interface -> Actions -> Apache NiFi. But this not is the right mode to install it.

How install I it?




@Andrea L have you seen this?

It has been updated to work with NiFi 1.0 which should solve your problem.

Master Guru

@Andrea L

HDF 2.0 introduced support for integration and installation via Ambari. HDF 2.0 requires its own Ambari to deploy and manage the HDF stack. You cannot install NiFi via HDP's stack/Ambari. Both products (HDP and HDF) are separate installs managed by separate Ambari installs.



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Follow this exactly.

You cannot have Apache NiFi or Ambari or anything else on that machine before hand other than Python, Java 8 and the normal libraries. No existing HDP or HDF or NiFi installs.

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@Timothy Spann

Did you mean "cannot" instead of "can"?

The documentation at the link you provided states:

"Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) and any of its components are not anticipated to be combined with any hardware, software or data, except as expressly recommended in this documentation."

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sorry about, yes I meant cannot. I fixed that typo. I tried it and you can't have two different clusters managed by one ambari. So don't even try.


Try install Nifi using command line.

wget ''


sudo sh nifi-1.1.1/bin/ start 

*Create a tunnel for your localhost:8080

*Access the URL: localhost:8080/nifi

If you need change the default port, access the file

sudo vi nifi-1.1.1/conf/ 
And change de value 8080

For restart nifi 
sudo sh nifi-1.1.1/bin/ restart