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Is there any default way of generating sequence in hive? Like do we have functions to generate sequence number or id?


@Bala Vignesh N V

We don't have support for auto_increment, sequence still in Hive.

There is the following UDF but you would have to restrict the number of mappers to 1 to make this work.

Dear All,

I need to generate the surrogate keys(which are sequential) in HIVE.I do not want to go and use the method (java.util.UUID) since it generates 33 bytes of lenghth and i do not want that much length(Though it was unique).So predominantly i can do that in 2 ways if i am not wrong:

1st Method:

To restrict the number of mappers to 1 and use the code for random unique generation of UDF in HIVE.The code repository as mentioned in the above post.

2nd Method:

  • 1)Load data to a temp hive table
  • 2)Lets get the max value in the table
  • 3)Lets use row_number over() to generate row_number+1 and load to actual table.

**** Please Note : I think we cannot restrict the number of mappers to 1 and hence both the methods fail for the creation of unique keys. ****

Please let me know if there is a way to do this?



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