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default username password not working for Hortonworks sandbox 2.3.2 on Azure

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I deployed a hortonworks sandbox on Azure following the guidelines on . Then, I followed the guidelines on the sandbox welcome page to open Ambari using http://{Ipaddress}:8080 and got to the Ambari login page. When I tried the default username and password admin/admin, it said the combination is invalid. I also tried the cluster username and password, and it did not work either.

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@Vivian Li See this in the link that you shared

1. ssh into the VM and run the following command as the root user:ambari-admin-password-reset

2. You will be prompted to enter the password. Ambari server will restart.

3. Then run command

ambari-agent restart

4. You can then go to the http://<hostname/ipaddress>:8888 which displays the splash page and click on the Ambari url. Enter the user "admin" and put the password you set previouly in step 2. You should now be able to log in as an Ambari admin.

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@Vivian Li

You have to use the username/password you specified on the Azure portal while creating the Sandbox

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I have the same issue. The suggested admin-admin credentials do not work, neither do the ones I provided when creating the sandbox.

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Actually Neeraj's second comment worked for me. Thanks!

One clarification:

For step 1: use

ssh <username>@<ipaddress>


ssh <username>@<hostname>

where <username> is the username you define when creating the sandbox. You will also be prompted to enter the password defined when creating the sandbox.

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@Neeraj Sabharwal I don't see that - probably because I wasn't the original author of the question?