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how to set up multi node cluster for Hortonworks HDP 2.5 using ambari ?

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The OS of my Machine is windows 10. I am using virtual box centos. I am using Hortonworks HDP 2.5 with ambari. I want to create 1 master node and 5 slave nodes for storing and processing the Big Data. I am new to Hadoop. I need step by step documentation.

Thank you.


Super Mentor

@heta desai

You can refer to Hortonworks Youtube channel, Specially the following video to know how to create a HDP cluster using ambari. The steps mentioned in the youtube video is for HDP 2.4 setup however the steps should be exactly same for HDP2.5 cluster setup as well. Only thing is that you need to use Ambari 2.4 for that.

Please have a look at the following video tutorial.

HDP 2.4 Multinode Hadoop Installation using Ambari :


you can also refer to the doc: for more details.

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