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Cloudera Data Warehouse increases security of Azure deployments by preventing public endpoints

Cloudera Employee
The Cloudera Data Warehouse service (CDW) now allows you to use an AKS internal load balancer to prevent the pods in your cluster from having public endpoints. This ensures that no clients are able to access your services via the public Internet.
To use this feature, you simply select the Enable AKS Internal Load Balancer field in the popup that you use to initially activate the CDW environment. CDW will then take care of the required network configuration behind the scenes. This makes your Kubernetes services accessible only to applications running in the same Azure VNET as the Kubernetes cluster, or to a peered VNET. Applications running in on-premises networks that are connected using Azure ExpressRoute circuits can also access your services.
CDW lets you run a more cost effective data warehouse platform, where SLAs are easier to meet. CDW also helps you increase your agility and self-service capabilities so that you can more quickly respond to the needs of the business. But network security is critical. With this new feature users can more confidently deploy sensitive workloads to CDW without worrying about exposures via public endpoints.
To learn more, check out the documentation for this feature.
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