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Cloudera DataFlow for the Public Cloud 2.2 improves First Time User Experience and adds new ReadyFlows

Cloudera Employee

The latest release (2.2.0-b194) of Cloudera DataFlow (CDF) on CDP Public Cloud introduces the following new features for both, AWS and Azure customers:


  • A streamlined first time user experience

    You can use the new Hello World ReadyFlow to create your first flow deployment without dependencies on source or target systems. New landing pages for the Dashboard and Catalog allow you to get started with just one click.

  • Four additional new ReadyFlows are available in the ReadyFlow Gallery

    • Non-CDP ADLS to S3/ADLS

    • Non-CDP S3 to S3/ADLS

    • ListenTCP filter to S3/ADLS

    • ListenSyslog filter to S3/ADLS

  • Endpoint Hostnames certificates can now be renewed when using Inbound Connections

Learn more about the new features in the CDF-PC documentation and take an interactive tour of CDF-PC.