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Cloudera DataFlow for the Public Cloud now supports custom processors, non-transparent proxies, fully private EKS/AKS clusters and Azure Tech Preview!

Cloudera Employee

The latest release of Cloudera DataFlow for the Public Cloud (CDF-PC) introduces several new features allowing more Apache NiFi users to run their data flows on CDF-PC.


This includes:

  • The ability to deploy NiFi flows which require custom processors / custom controller services
  • [Tech Preview] The ability to use CDF-PC on Azure
  • Support for AWS setups that use non-transparent proxy servers for outgoing network communication
  • Support for private AKS/EKS clusters
  • Reduced infrastructure cost through optimized instance use and NiFi deployment sizes

    Learn more about the new features in the CDF-PC documentation and take an interactive tour of CDF-PC