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Cloudera DataFlow now powers GenAI pipelines and supports changing flow versions of existing deployments in latest 2.8 release



This release (2.8.0-b274) of Cloudera DataFlow (CDF) on CDP Public Cloud introduces the ability to change the flow definition version of running deployments, a new Overview page with tutorials and shortcuts, the ability to create NiFi 2.0 deployments (Technical Preview), filtering ReadyFlows by different categories, new GenAI ReadyFlows, and supports new Kubernetes versions.


Key Deployment & Platform features for this release

  • Latest NiFi versions:
    Flow Deployments now support NiFi 1.25 and NiFi 2.0

  • Change Flow Version of existing deployments:
    You can now change the flow definition version of existing deployments. Changing flow versions preserves state and removes the need for tedious redeployments.


  • Filtering & Tagging in ReadyFlow Gallery:
    The ReadyFlow gallery has been improved and customers can now filter for different categories, sources, destinations and compatible NiFi versions.
  • New ‘Overview’ page:
    When navigating to CDF, users land in the new ‘Overview’ page which provides documentation, getting started guides/videos and shortcuts for common actions. Customers will now also be notified about new releases being available.

  • New ReadyFlows for
    - DB2 CDC to Iceberg (Technical Preview)
    - DB2 CDC to Kudu
    - MySQL CDC to Iceberg (Technical Preview)
    - Oracle CDC to Iceberg (Technical Preview)
    - PostgreSQL to Iceberg (Technical Preview)
    - Slack to Pinecone (NiFi 2.0)
    - SQL Server CDC to Iceberg (Technical Preview)
  • Support for new Kubernetes versions AKS 1.28 / EKS 1.28