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New Features in Cloudera Streaming Analytics for CDP Public Cloud 7.2.16


Apache Flink Upgrade

Deployments can now upgrade from Flink 1.14 to 1.15.1. This update includes 40 bug fixes and a number of other enhancements. To learn more about what has been fixed check out the release notes.


SQL Stream Builder UI

The Streaming SQL Console (UI) of SQL Stream Builder has been completely reworked with new design elements. The new design provides improved user access to artifacts that are commonly used or already created as part of a project simplifying navigation and saving the user time. 




Software Development Lifecycle support with Projects

Projects for SQL Stream Builder that improves upon the Software Developer Life Cycle needs of developers and analysts writing applications, allowing them to group together related artifacts and sync them to GitHub for versioning and CI/CD management.


Before today, when users would create SQL jobs, functions, and other artifacts there was no effective way to migrate them to another environment for use (ie: from dev to prod.)   The typical way that artifacts were migrated was through copy and pasting the code between environments; this lived outside of code repositories, the typical CI/CD process many companies utilize, took additional hands on keyboard time, allowed potential errors to be introduced during the copying process and when updating specific environmental configurations. 


These issues are solved with SQL Stream Builder Projects. Users just simply create a new project giving it a name and link a GitHub repository to it as part of creation, from this point onward any artifacts created in the project can be pushed to the GitHub Repository with a click of a button. For environment specific needs a parameterized key value configuration can be used to prevent having to edit configurations that change between deployments by referencing generic properties that are set differently between environments.


Job Notifications

Job notifications can help make sure that you can detect failed jobs without checking on the UI, which can save a lot of time for the user. This feature is very useful, especially when the user has numerous jobs running and keeping track of their state would be hard without notifications. Notifications can be made to send to a single user or a group of users both over email or by using a webhook. 



In this post, we looked at some of the new features that came out in CDP Public Cloud 7.2.16. This includes Flink 1.15.1 which comes with many bug fixes, a brand new UI for SQL Stream Builder, the ability to monitor jobs for failures and send notifications and new Software Development Lifecycle capabilities with Projects. For more details read the latest release notes.

Give Cloudera Streaming Analytics 7.2.16 for Datahub a try today and check out all the greatest new features added!