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Release of CFM 2.1.5 for CDP 7.1.7 & CDP 7.1.8


You can find the release notes and the download links in the documentation.

Key features for this release

  • Rebase against NiFi 1.18 bringing the latest and greatest of Apache NiFi. It contains a ton of improvements and new features.

  • Reset of the end of life policy: CFM 2.1.5 will be supported until August 2025 to match the CDP 7.1.7 LTS policy. It is particularly important as HDF and CFM 1.x are near to end of life.

  • Parameter Providers: we are introducing the concept of Parameter Providers allowing users to fetch the values of parameters from external locations. In addition to a better separation of duties, it is also very useful to make CI/CD better and easier. With this release, we're supporting the following Parameter Providers:

    • AWS Secret Manager

    • GCP Secret Manager

    • HashiCorp Vault

    • Database

    • Environment Variables

    • External file

  • Registry Client to connect to a DataFlow Catalog. The registry endpoint is now an extension in NiFi. It means that it is no longer limited to accessing a NiFi Registry instance. With this release we're adding an implementation allowing users to connect NiFi to their DataFlow Catalog and use it just like they would with NiFi Registry. For hybrid customers, it means that they can easily checkout and version flow definitions in the same place for both on-prem and cloud usage. It also means that on-prem customers can access the ReadyFlows gallery, assuming they have a public cloud tenant.

  • Iceberg processor (Tech Preview). We're making available a PutIceberg processor in Technical Preview allowing users to push data into Iceberg using NiFi. This can be used in both batch and streaming (micro-batch) fashion.

  • Snowflake ingest with Snowpipe (Tech Preview). Until now, only JDBC could be used to push data into Snowflake with NiFi. We're now making available a set of processors leveraging Snowpipe to push data into Snowflake in a more efficient way.

  • New components: we are adding a bunch of new components...

    • ConsumeTwitter

    • Processors to interact with Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, SMB

    • Processors to interact with HubSpot, Shopify, Zendesk, Workday, Airtable

    • PutBigQuery (leveraging the new API)

    • ListenBeats is now Cloudera supported

    • UpdateDatabaseTable to manage updates on table's schema (add columns for example)

    • AzureEventHubRecordSink & UDPEventRecordSink

    • CiscoEmblemSyslogMessageReader to make it easy to ingest logs from Cisco systems such as ASA VPNs

    • ConfluentSchemaRegistry is now Cloudera supported

    • Iceberg and Snowflake components as mentioned before

  • Replay last event: with this release we add the possibility to replay the last event at processor level (right-click on the processor, replay last event). This is making it super easy to replay the last flow file (instead of going to the provenance events, take the last event and click replay). This is something very useful when developing flows!

  • And, as usual, bug fixes, security patches, performance improvements, etc.