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enable oozie web console

Hi all


New to Cloudera Hadoop Manager. Got it installed, tried to launch oozie web UI but get error, follow instruction to enble web console but did not work. Please help. Thanks.


Here is the instruction I got:

Enabling the Oozie Web Console

To enable the Oozie web console, download and add the ExtJS library to the Oozie server. If you have not already done this, proceed as follows.
Step 1: Download the Library

Download the ExtJS version 2.2 library from and place it a convenient location.
Step 2: Install the Library

Extract the file into /var/lib/oozie.



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Re: enable oozie web console

Is it enabled..?
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Re: enable oozie web console

Yes it works, I tried it this morning. Just followed these steps and everything worked perfectly