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Cloudera 5.11.0 Cluster installation


I am working as Cloudera Hadoop administration since 2 years and have done multiples of installation and upgradation so far. Last successful cluster installation I have done was 5.7.2. As 5.11 includes kudu with security, I am trying to install 5.11 cluster on new set of servers  with centos installed  to  explore kudu and integrate existing system with it. I have downloaded tarbal package of cm and cdh and installed it on every system .After installing cm server and agents and along with cdh and open cloudera manager in browser after selecting the nodes ,it ask  below 

  1. Package or parcels 
  2. Version to install
  3. Repository location And once I gave local repository location and proceed for installation. It again install everything which flood the root mount and fails installation. 

After increasing the root mount size, it's installting every component and restarting the cloudera agent but restart fails and complete installation get roll back. 


So  my questions are ,

  1. why does it requires repository location when I select packages.
  2. Why it try to install again all components when I have already installed the required one.
  3. Why it restart cloudera agent at the end and then it fails because of some permission issue related to cloudera-scm user.

Please help me to resolve this

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Re: Cloudera 5.11.0 Cluster installation

Can anyone kindly help me out  for this?