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How to setup Sentry on Cloudera Quickstart Virtual Machine



I just started using Cloudera Quickstart on my local VM.


According to this article:, I need to do:


Enabling the Sentry Service for Hive
Go to the Hive service.
Click the Configuration tab.
Select Scope > Hive (Service-Wide).
Select Category > Main.
Locate the Sentry Service property and select Sentry.
Click Save Changes to commit the changes.
Restart the Hive service.


But in my Cloudera Quickstart there is no Sentry service, and in Hue-> Configuration: I don't see Sentry option in Sentry Service.


Is it because I have a incomplete Cloudera Quickstart? or Sentry is not included in Quickstart? or I need to start Sentry service somewhere first?


Please see the screenshot for your reference.


Screenshot - 5_19_2017 , 9_26_59 PM.jpg


Thank you very much.

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Re: How to setup Sentry on Cloudera Quickstart Virtual Machine

Did you add the Sentry Service in your Cloudera Manager? If not add Sentry service, if already done please post Sentry logs, of CM logs