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Can not run sqoop jobs through oozie

I have my cluster hosted on AWS and the hosts use internal IP's.

I am trying to run sqoop job through oozie.

1. I have added hive-site.xml to HDFS and added the path to file in my oozie editor

2. Added MySQL jar to lib for sqoop and shared oozie folder under sqoop.

When I try to schedule sqoop jobs through oozie, it always says

No tasks found for job application_appId.


Looks like that the job does not even start. 


Also, When I try to navigate to logs through oozie workflow in hue, it gives me:


Now, I need to manually change privateIP to public IP to go to the link. Is there a way my browser can directly redirect all requests to this private IP to its corresponding public which I have,

Also, I am able to execute these sqoop jobs through command line. Looks like container launcher problem through oozie logs.

Could I get some help on this please?

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