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Hadoop user account = Unix user account?

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To create a user account on Hadoop cluster, do I do it in the usual Unix way plus create HDFS user directory and set permissions on it or there are more steps? Users can use normal Unix permissions to share or protect their files on HDFS or tables in Hive, Impala, HBase?

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Re: Hadoop user account = Unix user account?

Yes, create a local account and group on all nodes, create a HDFS user directory, assign permissions.


HDFS supports POSIX like permissions.  You can enable HDFS ACLs as well to allow for more control.  Hive and Impala will recognize and use these.  The caveat is that without Kerberos or LDAP authentication enforcement is friviously.  It is really easy to spoof another account to get around the ACLs.


Note: HBase does not support any form of authorization without Kerberos.