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Error displaying lineage in Navigator CDH 5.7, not seen in CDH 5.5

I am using the Navigator SDK to write custom entities into Navigator. My entities worked fine in CDH 5.5 and were displayed in the Navigator GUI. 


In CDH 5.7 I get the following error in the Navigator Metadata log:


2016-04-28 09:19:12,650 ERROR com.cloudera.nav.api.v9.impl.Lineage3ResourceV9Impl [qtp662253756-118]: Error when calculating lineage
at com.cloudera.nav.lineage.EntityBasedTraversalRule$2.apply(
at com.cloudera.nav.lineage.EntityBasedTraversalRule$2.apply(
at com.cloudera.nav.lineage.EntityBasedTraversalRule$EntityFieldGetterImpl.getFieldValue(
at com.cloudera.nav.lineage.LineageContext.addEntityParents(
at com.cloudera.nav.lineage.EntityBasedTraversalRule.execute(
at com.cloudera.nav.lineage.RulesExecutionTrigger.execute(
at com.cloudera.nav.lineage.phases.LineageTraversalPhaseImpl.execute(
at com.cloudera.nav.lineage.phases.LineageTraversalPhaseImpl.execute(
at com.cloudera.nav.lineage.LineageBuilder.getLineageGraph(


Is there anyway to determine what exactly is failing? 


The entities I am trying to view all have source type 'SDK',  there is a parent entity type 'DATASET' and child entities of type 'FIELD'. 


From the stack trace the error occurs adding an entity parent. This did not occur with CDH 5.5.

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Re: Error displaying lineage in Navigator CDH 5.7, not seen in CDH 5.5

Replying to my own message...


I have done a bit more investigation and it appears that there are constraints on Navigator entities in CDH 5.7 that were not there in CDH 5.5.


For example, in CDH 5.5 I could create a custom entity with EntityType OPERATION and no relations, just by setting the name and identity. 


However, in CDH 5.7 displaying the lineage for this entity fails with the error above. However, if I change the EntityType to TABLE there is no problem. 


Are these constraints / requirements documented anywhere?  

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