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Accessing Internet and reference resource regarding CCP test

It was said that the internet access is ok for the test environment, so does it mean:


1. During the test ,I can search the internet to find resources that would help for the test. ie If I do not remember some specific python functionality for parsing xml I can check from stackoverflow or seach by google?

2. I can check from books, ie for certain probability distribution, I would like to check from a statistical book


Or this is not allowed? In real life even you have been working in data science area for some years, you can't remember everything, IMHO finding the way to solve the problem would be more important than just memorize everything

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Re: Accessing Internet and reference resource regarding CCP test

We have numerous CCP exams. You’d have to be more specific. If it’s
data science, as I infer from your query, the answer from our website:

Currently, the cluster is open to the internet and there are no
restrictions on tools you can install or websites or resources you may
use. (

so, yes.