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Reschedule CCA175

Posting this with high hopes, I scheduled my cca175 exam on 13th June 2018 at 4pm IST.
When I started the exam the UI was constantly getting frozen, the cluster was constantly getting disconnected, even my jobs failed once because of that. My internet was connected, there was so much lag that even a word typed took 5 mins to come on the exam screen.

The proctor also agreed and said that it is impossible to continue such exam. I could do only 1 question and decises to ask for reschedule, the exam. Is so expensive and the internet speed used is considered good as per Indian standard (40mbps).
I am getting a hard time convincing the certification team, they send me the same old policy faq, please understand I did hard work and prelared, sometimes u should consider these things also.

Can somebody from cloudera help me with this I will forever be grateful, I am ready to give the exam whenever they want so as to not be unfair. I didn't see any questions apart from first two also in the exam.

Please help me I feel dejected and sad. Please do this in the goodwill for the user of your product.

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Re: Reschedule CCA175

Hi @Puneet139,


I reached out to the certification team and was advised that they are still in discussions with you. They are the authority in this situation.

Cy Jervis, Community Manager

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Re: Reschedule CCA175

@cjervis thanks a lot... really hoping for a positive decision, as I had no fault in the sequence of actions...