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READ THIS FIRST: How to use this board


READ THIS FIRST: How to use this board

Master Collaborator

Here at Cloudera, community is part of our DNA.  Building a strong, vibrant, and engaged community between our employees, customers, partners, open source developers, users, admins and industry experts is critical to our success.  That's where YOU come in.  We want you to find value, build relationships, gain skills, and advance your projects and careers thanks to the community you are part of here.


This discussion board is an effort to further advance those goals.  We want to get to know the highly talented and unique individuals who make up our community.  This board provides a place for you introduce yourself, talk about your background, goals, interesting projects, and what makes you tick.  It is also a place for off-topic discussion to occur.  Enjoy a welcome diversion, talk about your hobbies, have fun.




1) Keep it clean and professional, no offensive or divisive topics (including, but not limited to: sex, illegal activity, politics, or religion)


2) Keep it friendly and courteous, no flaming.


3) Our regular Terms of Service and User Guidelines still apply and we reserve the right to remove any content.

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