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[ANNOUNCE] CDP Private Cloud Base 7.1.7 Released

Cloudera Employee

We're pleased to announce the release of Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) Private Cloud (PvC) Base 7.1.7, which introduces key new features to improve the management, security, and analytical capabilities of the platform and provides additional platform support. This is a cumulative maintenance release that carries forward the improvements from CDP PvC Base 7.1.6 and prior releases.  


In addition to new features and platform support, an important goal of the last few releases has been to make the transition to CDP PvC Base easier by adding more upgrade options, and this release continues to deliver against that goal. Here’s an overview of the new features and improvements we’ve added in this release.  


Upgrade enhancements

To help customers with their move to CDP PvC Base we’ve made the following upgrade enhancements in this release:  

  • In-place upgrades are now available for CDH versions 6.1.x, 6.2.x, and 6.3.x., completing our in-place upgrade vision from all supported CDH and HDP versions.
  • Documented rollback procedures for CDH 6 to CDP PvC Base 7.1.7 and for HDP 3 to CDP PvC Base 7.1.6.
  • An upgrade companion to complement existing upgrade documentation that guides you through your upgrade journey. See the upgrade companion here


General Feature Enhancements

To further improve the management, security, and analytical capabilities of the platform, we’ve made the following updates in this release: 

  • A number of enhancements have been made to Cloudera Manager including security fixes and the removal of all CVEs across 20+ embedded libraries, making this the most secure release of CDP PvC Base yet.  We've also added new features and tools for improved platform efficiency and ease of use.  
  • SDX updates for improved platform and data governance, including a more secure method of authorizing Hive table creation, auditing HDFS superuser actions in Ranger, Atlas / Kafka integration, the much awaited Impala Row Filtering, and many other features. 
  • Data Warehouse enhancements include support for Ranger-based row-level filter policies in Impala. Row-level filters are similar to other Ranger access policies and can be set for specific users, groups, and conditions.
  • A number of Platform enhancements have been added including: 
  • New Ozone features for full High Availability, enabling continuous operation without single points of failure, easier upgrades and maintenance with node decommissioning, and a Safe Delete capability to prevent accidental deletion of files and directories. 
  • Improved resource management using YARN with additional granular control capabilities with queue management and scheduling.
  • Kudu support for multi-row transactions with INSERT and INSERT_IGNORE operations, and integration with Hive Metastore can now be configured via Cloudera Manager.
  • Streaming enhancements including integration between Kafka and Atlas, improved scalability for large Kafka deployments using an external Prometheus metric, a new feature to import Confluent schemas, and more. 
  • CDP Private Cloud Base now supports RHEL/CENTOS 8.2 for x86 and PPC, Ubuntu 20 for x86, MariaDB 10.3, MariaDB 10.4, and Oracle 19c (19.9).


The improvements listed above are the highlights of this release and not a comprehensive list of new features.  Please see the 7.1.7 Release Summary for the full list and details of these features. 


CDH and HDP customers are encouraged to upgrade to CDP PvC Base for improved enterprise data management capabilities and new platform innovations. 


Cloudera’s Professional Services team is available to ensure your migration to CDP is successful. In addition, Cloudera’s Support Team is available for your mission critical support needs. We encourage you to open a support case via our Support Portal to alert us of your planned upgrade.


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