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[ANNOUNCE] CDP Private Cloud Base 7.1.8 Released

Cloudera Employee

We're pleased to announce the release of Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) Private Cloud (PvC) Base 7.1.8 and Cloudera Manager 7.7.1, which introduce key new features to improve the analytics capabilities offered to your business users, enhanced enterprise readiness, as well as additional third party support. This is a cumulative maintenance release that carries forward the features from 7.1.7 Service Pack 1 (SP1) and prior releases. 


Here are some highlights of 7.1.8 we’d like to draw your attention to:

  • This release has a concerted focus on platform resilience, delivering vastly improved high availability (HA) of the platform, which rings true to our laser focus on enterprise readiness.  As organizations plan for continuity in the face of an unplanned outage, 7.1.8 promotes HA with Cloudera Manager's support for active-passive HA, replication between Ozone clusters, balanced distribution of data with Ozone, standby NameNodes for added fault-tolerance, Hive ACID table replication for disaster recovery, and expanded third party support for backend HA.
  • Continuing with the theme of enterprise readiness, this release ships a host of features that promote hardened platform security and greater control of your data to implement the strongest data governance requirements, as well as, simpler management of the platform with improved alerting, dynamic queue scheduling, and atomic operations in object storage. 
  • For data-driven organizations adding analytics at the edge, this release expands visibility and control of stream processing workloads, designed to bring data streaming pipelines into well-managed Data Mesh architectures. Additional improvements across data warehousing, operational database, and self-service analytics, all serve to delight your data practitioners to deliver impactful analytics. 


For a structured look at this release, here’s an overview of the new features and improvements we’ve added:  


  • Cloudera Manager (CM) enhancements offer greater reliability and easier management of the platform.  Features added include support for active-passive high availability (HA), stronger security with credential management, and improved alerting.  
  • SDX enhancements add improved security across the platform and simplified operations.  Features added include support for grants at the db level in Ranger RMS, tracking of HDFS lineage, simpler privilege / policy mapping for Solr in CDP, and Ranger-Ozone integration enables multi-tenant support. 
  • Ozone storage enhancements deliver more efficient storage as well as improved data resilience.  Features added include balanced data distribution across nodes, support for atomic operations, integration with CDP Replication Manager enabling replication between Ozone clusters, and support for erasure coding. 
  • Additional platform enhancements for improved reliability with further support for platform resilience.  Features added include improved fault-tolerance with HDFS support for running multiple standby NameNodes, and YARN compatibility enhancements.
  • Stream processing enhancements provide improved security, reliability, and performance of streams, with expanded visibility and unparalleled control.  Features added span Kafka, Streams Messaging Manager (SMM), Streams Replication Manager (SRM), Schema Registry, Cruise Control, and KConnect.
  • Data Warehouse enhancements for wider support of data types, improved reliability, and simplified data management.  Features added across Hive, Impala, and Kudu to improve fine-grained access control, encryption at rest, further streamlines migrations from legacy data warehouses, and Hive rolling restarts for rolling upgrades. 
  • Operational Database enhancements with HBase rebase to 2.4.6 and the ability to shift to Hbase Multi-cluster Client support with limited code changes.
  • Self Service Analytics enhancements make it easier for end users to visualize, analyze, and derive operational insights quickly. Features added to Hue include support for Spark SQL with autocomplete, an SQL interface to Phoenix, and a native query processor to index and read Hive query history. 
  • CDP Private Cloud Base expands third party support for further choices of platform integrations. Support added for RHEL/OEL 8.6 for x86, Oracle 19c RAC for backend HA, and Maria DB 10.6.

The improvements listed above are an overview of this release.  For a comprehensive list of all new features, please see the 7.1.8 Release Summary


CDP Private Cloud Base 7.1.8 is the first feature release following the Long Term Supported (LTS) release, and will be supported for 18 months. Customers on 7.1.7 LTS can upgrade to 7.1.8 to enable these new features, however, will detach from the extended 4-year LTS support period. 


Cloudera’s Professional Services team is available to ensure your migration to this version of CDP is successful. In addition, Cloudera’s Support Team is available for your mission critical support needs. We encourage you to open a support case via our Support Portal to alert us of your planned upgrade.


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