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[ANNOUNCE] CDP Private Cloud Data Services 1.3 Released

Cloudera Employee

We're pleased to announce the release of Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) Private Cloud (PvC) Data Services 1.3, which delivers key new features and improvements across the platform, including Embedded Container Service (ECS) and Cloudera Data Engineering as an additional service.

In this release, we’ve added the following new platform capabilities:

  • ECS: The new capability enables you to run CDP Private Cloud Data Services directly on bare metal or virtual machines by automating the installation and management of all container-related dependencies. ECS greatly simplifies deploying a private cloud and Data Services, providing the familiar Cloudera Manager as a single pane of glass to manage the full deployment. With ECS, customers no longer need to worry or learn about Kubernetes and related technologies to get the benefits of containerized analytic applications running on-premises.
  • Support for CDP CLI: Perform the same actions as can be performed from the Management Console through the CLI, letting you automate and integrate all CDP tasks and capabilities.
  • Configuring alert rules: Define alert rules based on PromQL expressions for automatic triggering on specific events occurring in your CDP Private Cloud Data Services deployment.


In this release, Cloudera Data Engineering (CDE) has been added:

  • New Data Service: This is the first release of CDE for CDP Private Cloud and delivers the ability to submit Spark jobs to an auto-scaling virtual cluster, with simplified job management life cycle through a centralized interface for scheduling, deploying, monitoring & debugging, and promotion.
  • New orchestration: With this CDE release Apache Airflow is provided as a managed orchestration service preconfigured with security and scaling. Users can deploy complex pipelines with job dependencies and time based schedules.
  • New resource roles: Two new resource roles are added for managing the Cloudera Data Engineering (CDE) services. DEAdmin grants a CDP user/group the permission to create, delete and administer CDE services for a given CDP environment while the DEUser role grants the permission to list and use CDE services for a given CDP environment.


We also added the following CDW improvements:

  • ECS support: CDW is now fully supported for deployment with ECS in addition to Red Hat Openshift.
  • Custom SCC name in OpenShift environments: new option to specify a custom Security Context Constraint (SCC) name while activating an OpenShift environment, allowing the use of 1000 as the UID for the Hive user.
  • Search and Bind for users from multiple LDAP OUs: Workload services such as Hue, Impala, and Hive now support LDAP Search Bind authentication for multiple LDAP organizational units (OUs) with some following limitations, mostly related to filtering.
  • Hive Metastore database support: The Hive Metastore (HMS) on the CDP Private Base cluster now supports MariaDB databases in addition to PostgreSQL, fitting in with a wider range of enterprise landscapes.
  • Configurable database name for Hue and DAS: You can specify a custom database name for Hue, and DAS during environment activation when creating a default Database Catalog with external databases, or while creating a non-default Database Catalog.
  • DAS and non-PostgreSQL HMS databases: DAS supports only PostgreSQL databases. If you have configured your base cluster with a non-PostgreSQL database and if your Virtual Warehouse is linked to a default Database Catalog, then DAS is not installed on the cluster.
  • Specify Username and Password delegation: For enhanced security, CDW no longer inherits the delegation user from the LDAP Bind DN. You must specify Delegation Username and Delegation Password on the Activation Settings page while creating a CDW environment. The delegation user and password can authenticate users through an LDAP service account.



Finally, we’ve added the following CML improvements:

  • ECS support: CML is now fully supported for deployment with ECS in addition to Red Hat Openshift.


See the CDP PvC Data Services 1.3 Release Notes for more details of these features.


CDP PvC Data Services requires an existing or new deployment of CDP PvC Base. Current CDH and HDP customers are encouraged to upgrade to CDP PvC Base and Cloudera’s Professional Services team is available to ensure your migration to CDP is successful. In addition, Cloudera’s Support Team is available for your mission-critical support needs. We encourage you to open a support case via our Support Portal to alert us of your planned upgrade.


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