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[ANNOUNCE] Cloudera Distribution of Apache Kafka 2.0.1 for CDH 5 Released

[ANNOUNCE] Cloudera Distribution of Apache Kafka 2.0.1 for CDH 5 Released

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We are pleased to announce the release of the Cloudera Distribution of Apache Kafka 2.0.1 for CDH 5.  Apache Kafka is a highly scalable, distributed, publish-subscribe messaging system.

Apache Kafka 2.0.1 is maintenance release for Kafka 2.0 with bug fixes listed below.

Notable Issues Fixed in Cloudera Distribution of Apache Kafka 2.0.1

  • Notable fixes backported into Kafka 2.0.1:

    • KAFKA-3409: MirrorMaker hangs indefinitely due to commit.

    • KAFKA-3378: Client blocks forever if SocketChannel connects instantly.

    • KAFKA-3426: Improve protocol type errors when invalid sizes are received.

    • KAFKA-3330: Truncate log cleaner offset checkpoint if the log is truncated.

    • KAFKA-3463: Change default receive buffer size for consumer to 64K.

    • KAFKA-1148: Delayed fetch/producer requests should be satisfied on a leader change.

    • KAFKA-3352: Avoid DNS reverse lookups.

    • KAFKA-3341: Improve error handling on invalid requests.

    • KAFKA-3310: Fix for NPEs observed when throttling clients.

    • KAFKA-2784: swallow exceptions when MirrorMaker exits.

    • KAFKA-3243: Fix Kafka basic ops documentation for MirrorMaker, blacklist is not supported for new consumers.

    • KAFKA-3235: Unclosed stream in AppInfoParser static block.

    • KAFKA-3147: Memory records is not writable in MirrorMaker.

    • KAFKA-3088: Broker crash on receipt of produce request with empty client ID.

    • KAFKA-3159: Kafka consumer client poll is very CPU intensive under certain conditions.

    • KAFKA-3189: Kafka server returns UnknownServerException for inherited exceptions.

    • KAFKA-3157: MirrorMaker does not commit offset with low traffic.

    • KAFKA-3179: Kafka consumer delivers message whose offset is earlier than sought offset.

    • KAFKA-3198: Ticket Renewal Thread exits prematurely due to inverted comparison.

  • All backported fixes can be viewed in the git release notes here.


We look forward to you trying Kafka 2.0.1! For more information, please use the links below:

As always, we welcome your feedback. Please send your comments and suggestions through our community forums.