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[ANNOUNCE] Cloudera Distribution of Apache Kafka 2.0.2 for CDH 5 Released

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We are pleased to announce the release of the Cloudera Distribution of Apache Kafka 2.0.2 for CDH 5.  Apache Kafka is a highly scalable, distributed, publish-subscribe messaging system.

Apache Kafka 2.0.2 is maintenance release for Kafka 2.0. Notable Issues Fixed in Cloudera Distribution of Apache Kafka 2.0.2:

  • KAFKA-3495: NetworkClient.blocking Send And Receive should rely on requestTimeout.

  • KAFKA-2998: Log warnings when client is disconnected from bootstrap brokers.

  • KAFKA-3488: Avoid failing of unsent requests in consumer where possible.

  • KAFKA-3528: Handle wakeups while rebalancing more gracefully.

  • KAFKA-3594: After calling MemoryRecords.close() method, hasRoomFor() method should return false.

  • KAFKA-3602: Rename RecordAccumulator dequeFor() and ensure proper usage.

  • KAFKA-3789: Upgrade Snappy to fix Snappy decompression errors.

  • KAFKA-3830: getTGT() debug logging exposes confidential information.

  • KAFKA-3840: Allow clients default OS buffer sizes.

  • KAFKA-3691: Confusing logging during metadata update timeout.

  • KAFKA-3810: Replication of internal topics should not be limited by replica.fetch.max.bytes.

  • KAFKA-3854: Fix issues with new consumer's subsequent regex (pattern) subscriptions.

All backported fixes can be viewed in the git release notes here.

We look forward to you trying Kafka 2.0.2! For more information, please use the links below:


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