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[ANNOUNCE] Cloudera Enterprise 5.11.1 Released

[ANNOUNCE] Cloudera Enterprise 5.11.1 Released

Cloudera Employee

Dear CDH, Cloudera Manager, and Cloudera Navigator users,


We are pleased to announce the release of Cloudera Enterprise 5.11.1 (CDH 5.11.1, Cloudera Manager 5.11.1, and Cloudera Navigator 2.10.1).


This release fixes key bugs and includes the following:


  • CDH fixes for the following issues:
    • HADOOP-14028 - S3A BlockOutputStreams doesn't delete temporary files in multipart uploads or handle part upload failures
    • HIVE-12768 - Thread safety: binary sortable serde decimal deserialization
    • IMPALA-5251 - DecimalAvgFinalize() gets the wrong arg type
    • IMPALA-5186 - Handle failed CreateAndOpenScanner() in MT scan.
    • IMPALA-3641 - DROP / CREATE sequence on same table failed with "table already exists".
    • IMPALA-4902 - Concurrent DDL may fail with a ConcurrentModificationException.
    • IMPALA-5253 - Use appropriate transport for StatestoreSubscriber
    • IMPALA-5145 - CTAS failing when creating from a view with error "Unsupported type 'null_type'"

For a full list of upstream JIRAs fixed in CDH 5.11.1, see the issues fixed section of the Release Notes.


  • Cloudera Manager fixes for the following issues:
      • Automated Cloudera Manager installer fails on Ubuntu 16.04: Fixed an issue where running the cloudera-manager-installer.bin installer file (as described in the documentation) fails on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (Xenial).
      • Accessing Sqoop2 with Hue fails: Fixed an issue where accessing Sqoop2 with Hue fails with the following error: Sqoop error: Could not get connectors. 
    • Drop-down options not visible when using Internet Explorer 11: Fixed an issue that prevents Internet Explorer from rendering the add/edit resource pool dialog box.
    • All required fonts are now installed by Cloudera Manager: Fixed an issue where Cloudera Manager made requests to to download some of its required fonts, which fails if the browser does not have Internet access. Cloudera Manager now includes all of the necessary fonts.

For a full list of issues fixed in Cloudera Manager 5.11.1, see the issues fixed section of the Release Notes.


  • Cloudera Navigator fixes the following issues:
    • Bulk extraction triggered can result in orphaned relations: In some cases, HDFS bulk extraction was being triggered due to an error in incremental extraction. Specifically, Cloudera Navigator was resetting the long identity of HDFS elements resulting in orphaned relations.

For a full list of issues fixed in Cloudera Navigator 2.10.1, see the issues fixed section of the Release Notes.



We look forward to you trying it, using the information below:


As always, we are happy to hear your feedback. Please send your comments and suggestions to the user group or through our community forums. You can also file bugs through our external JIRA projects on

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