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[ANNOUNCE] Cloudera Enterprise 5.14 is Now Available

Cloudera is pleased to announce that Cloudera Enterprise 5.14 is now generally available (GA). Our C5.14 release is delivering on the promises we’ve made to our customers, as Cloudera continues to innovate and set the pace for big data and machine learning platforms. This version brings to life key SDX components and improves the security profile of our platform, amongst many other product enhancements.
Here are some selected highlights of CDH 5.14. As usual, there are also a number of quality enhancements, bug fixes, and other improvements across the stack. Here is a partial list of what’s included (see the Release Notes for a full list)


Core Platform
  • New data catalog and self-service discovery features in Cloudera Navigator enables searching and grouping of business metadata definitions for admins and users.

  • Director support for Active Directory provides a tighter integration for authentication of users as clusters are provisioned and managed.

  • Key Management has added encryption key migration so that customers can easily migrate existing clusters to the new HSM KMS for key management.

Data Science and Engineering

  • Altus Data Engineering now supports the popular PySpark language, providing even more choice to data scientists and data engineers building models and data pipelines.

  • The Altus SDK (Java) presents a direct interface for analytics application developers who want to tie in data engineering functions via Cloudera’s platform-as-a-service.

Analytic DB

  • Navigator Optimizer now has easier SQL Workload Migration with a migration page to show status “at-a-glance”, gauge the effort to migrate, and represent artifacts to kick-start migration projects.

  • Hue offers a new Impala Query Browser to see recently executed SQL statements and speed up ad hoc analytics. Hue also now has an ADLS Browser to find data stored in the Microsoft Azure Data Lake Service.

  • Kudu now has run-time filter support and the ability to add data directories to an existing tablet server.

Additional information is available in the documentation.

As always, we value your feedback; please provide any comments and suggestions through our community forums. You can also file bugs via