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[ANNOUNCE] Cloudera Enterprise new Release, CDH 6.2.1 is Generally Available

[ANNOUNCE] Cloudera Enterprise new Release, CDH 6.2.1 is Generally Available

Cloudera Employee

We are happy to announce Cloudera Enterprise 6.2.1 !

What's New?

It is a regular maintenance release, including base release features, additionally latest patches and Upstream fixes packaged.


Apache Hadoop

  • HADOOP-16011 - OsSecureRandom very slow compared to other SecureRandom implementations
  • HADOOP-16018 - DistCp won't reassemble chunks when blocks per chunk > 0.
  • HADOOP-16167 - Fixed Hadoop shell script for Ubuntu 18.
  • HADOOP-16238 - Add the possbility to set SO_REUSEADDR in IPC Server Listener


  • HDFS-10477 - Stop decommission a rack of DataNodes caused NameNode fail over to standby
  • HDFS-12781 - After Datanode down, In Namenode UI Datanode tab is throwing warning message.
  • HDFS-13101 - Yet another fsimage corruption related to snapshot
  • HDFS-13244 - Add stack, conf, metrics links to utilities dropdown in NN webUI
  • HDFS-13677 - Dynamic refresh Disk configuration results in overwriting VolumeMap
  • HDFS-14111 - hdfsOpenFile on HDFS causes unnecessary IO from file offset 0
  • HDFS-14314 - fullBlockReportLeaseId should be reset after registering to NN
  • HDFS-14359 - Inherited ACL permissions masked when parent directory does not exist
  • HDFS-14389 - getAclStatus returns incorrect permissions and owner when an iNodeAttributeProvider is configured
  • HDFS-14687 - Standby Namenode never come out of safemode when EC files are being written
  • HDFS-14746 - Trivial test code update after HDFS-14687

MapReduce 2

  • MAPREDUCE-7225 - Fix broken current folder expansion during MR job start


  • YARN-9552 - FairScheduler: NODE_UPDATE can cause NoSuchElementException
  • YARN-9667 - Use setbuf with line buffer to reduce fflush complexity in container-executor.

Apache HBase

  • HBASE-19893 - restore_snapshot is broken in master branch when region splits
  • HBASE-21736 - Remove the server from online servers before scheduling SCP for it in hbck
  • HBASE-21800 - RegionServer aborted due to NPE from MetaTableMetrics coprocessor
  • HBASE-21960 - RESTServletContainer not configured for REST Jetty server
  • HBASE-21978 - Should close AsyncRegistry if we fail to get cluster id when creating AsyncConnection
  • HBASE-21991 - Fix MetaMetrics issues - [Race condition, Faulty remove logic], few improvements
  • HBASE-22128 - Move namespace region then master crashed make deadlock
  • HBASE-22144 - Correct MultiRowRangeFilter to work with reverse scans
  • HBASE-22169 - Open region failed cause memory leak
  • HBASE-22200 - WALSplitter.hasRecoveredEdits should use same FS instance from WAL region dir
  • HBASE-22581 - User with "CREATE" permission can grant, but not revoke permissions on created table
  • HBASE-22615 - Make TestChoreService more robust to timing
  • HBASE-22617 - Recovered WAL directories not getting cleaned up
  • HBASE-22690 - Deprecate / Remove OfflineMetaRepair in hbase-2+
  • HBASE-22759 - Extended grant and revoke audit events with caller info - ADDENDUM

Apache Hive

  • HIVE-16811 - Estimate statistics in absence of stats, partially backported, when a query fails with IllegalArgumentException Size requested for unknown type: java.util.Collection
  • HIVE-13278 - Avoid FileNotFoundException when map/reduce.xml is not available


  • HUE-4327 - [editor] Turn off batch mode for query editors
  • HUE-8140 - [editor] Additional improvements to multi statement execution
  • HUE-8691 - [useradmin] Fix group sync fail to import member
  • HUE-8717 - [oozie] Fix Sqoop1 editor fail to execute
  • HUE-8720 - [importer] Fix importer with custom separator
  • HUE-8727 - [frontend] Prevent Chrome from autofilling user name in various input elements
  • HUE-8734 - [editor] Fix zero width column filter in the results
  • HUE-8746 - [pig] Add hcat support in the Pig Editor in Hue
  • HUE-8759 - [importer] Fix import to index, importing to hive instead
  • HUE-8802 - [assist] Fix js exception on assist index refresh
  • HUE-8829 - [core] Fix redirect stops at /hue/accounts/login
  • HUE-8860 - [beeswax] Truncate column size to 5000 if too large
  • HUE-8878 - [oozie] Fix Hive Document Action variable with prefilled value
  • HUE-8879 - [core] Fix ldaptest not allow space in user_filter
  • HUE-8880 - [oozie] Fix KeyError when execute coordinator
  • HUE-8922 - [frontend] Show dates and times in local format with timezone offset details
  • HUE-8933 - [editor] Make sure to clear any previous result when the execute call returns
  • HUE-8950 - [core] Fix error of saving copied document

Apache Impala

  • IMPALA-7800 - Impala now times out new connections after it reaches the maximum number of concurrent client connections. The limit is specified by the --fe_service_threads startup flag. The default value is 64 with which 64 queries can run simultaneously. Previously the connection attempts that could not be serviced were hanging infinitely.
  • IMPALA-7802 - Idle client connections are now closed to conserve front-end service threads.

  • IMPALA-8469 - Fixed the issue where Impala clusters with dedicated coordinators incorrectly rejected queries destined for memory pools with configured limits.

  • IMPALA-8549 - Added support for scanning DEFLATE text files.

  • IMPALA-8595 - Impala supports TLS v1.2 with the Python version 2.7.9 and older in impala-shell.

  • IMPALA-8673 - Added the DEFAULT_HINTS_INSERT_STATEMENT query option for setting the default hints for the INSERT statements when no optimizer hint was specified.

Apache Kafka

  • KAFKA-7697 - Process DelayedFetch without holding leaderIsrUpdateLock

Apache Kudu

  • KUDU-2807 - The system doesn’t crash when a flush or a compaction overlaps with another compaction.
  • KUDU-2871 - (part 1): A temporary fix that pegs maximum TLS version to TLSv1.2.

Apache Oozie

  • OOZIE-3365 - Workflow and coordinator action status remain as RUNNING after rerun.
  • OOZIE-3397 - Improve logging in NotificationXCommand.
  • OOZIE-3478 - Oozie needs execute permission on the submitting user's home directory.

Apache Sentry

  • SENTRY-2276 - Sentry-Kafka integration does not support Kafka's Alter/DescribeConfigs and IdempotentWrite operations
  • SENTRY-2511 - Debug level logging on HMSPaths significantly affects performance
  • SENTRY-2528 - Format exception when fetching a full snapshot

Apache Spark

  • SPARK-25139 - [SPARK-18406][CORE][2.4] Avoid NonFatals to kill the Executor in PythonRunner
  • SPARK-25429 - [SQL] Use Set instead of Array to improve lookup performance
  • SPARK-26003 - Improve SQLAppStatusListener.aggregateMetrics performance
  • SPARK-26089 - [CORE] Handle corruption in large shuffle blocks
  • SPARK-26349 - [PYSPARK] Forbid insecure py4j gateways
  • SPARK-27094 - [YARN] Work around RackResolver swallowing thread interrupt.
  • SPARK-27112 - [CORE] : Create a resource ordering between threads to resolve the deadlocks encountered ...
  • SPARK-28150 - [CORE][FOLLOW-UP] Don't try to log in when impersonating.
  • SPARK-28150 - [CORE] Log in user before getting delegation tokens.
  • SPARK-28335 - [DSTREAMS][TEST] DirectKafkaStreamSuite wait for Kafka async commit

Apache Zookeeper

See all fixes in this release, Cloudera Proprietary software fixes included.

How You can get it?

You can download the parcel(s) from our archive and apply it directly to provisioned clusters without disrupting Your currently running CDH workloads.


Full software download also available at Cloudera Homepage,with support and documentation.


Archive continues to provide access to both variants.


Thank You for using Cloudera Software!