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[ANNOUNCE] Cloudera Enterprise new Release, CDH 6.3.2 is Generally Available


[ANNOUNCE] Cloudera Enterprise new Release, CDH 6.3.2 is Generally Available

Cloudera Employee
We are happy to announce Cloudera Enterprise new Runtime release, CDH 6.3.2.

What's New?

It is a patch release, cumulatively includes base 6.3 features, additional to latest single important fix, above existing known limitations from previous.
Cloudera Manager, 6.3.1, the recommended tool for installing Cloudera Enterprise, is compatible and has no updates this time.
Quick overview of Runtime fixes as follows:
Upstream fix/es for
[KUDU-2990] Kudu cannot distribute libnuma (dependency of memkind). In this release the NVM cache implementation in Kudu has been changed to dynamically link memkind at runtime using dlopen().
How You can get it?
Full software download available at Cloudera Homepage, with support and documentation.
To avoid disrupting currently running CDH workloads, and at Your convenience, You can download the parcel(s) and apply it directly to provisioned clusters via latest Cloudera Manager.

Cloudera archive continues to provide access to full Runtime variant.

Thank You for using Cloudera Software!
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