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[ANNOUNCE] HDP 3.1.5 / Ambari 2.7.5 is now Generally Available




We are pleased to announce General Availability of HDP- and AMBARI-!


With this release HDP is supporting single catalog for Hive/Spark and Hive table-level replication. To keep up with the increased customer interest, we delivered HBase 2.1.6 and GCS Connector 1.9.17 as well.


We have also delivered nearly 200 fixes to increase stability, usability, supportability and performance, enhance security and improve the overall customer experience with HDP and Ambari.


A big kudos and a mountain of gratitude to each and every member of the sustaining, development, quality, release engineering, documentation, biz ops and legal team, to deliver this release with such high quality.



Thank you all again for your continued support and commitment on this journey!


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