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[ANNOUNCE] New Impala JDBC Driver Released

[ANNOUNCE] New Impala JDBC Driver Released

Cloudera Employee

We are pleased to announce the release of Impala JDBC v2.5.42.  The release has the following fixes and enhancements:


Resolved Issues in Impala JDBC 2.5.42

  • AllowSelfSignedCerts does not disable SSL. This issue has been resolved. Now, when the AllowSelfSignedCerts property is set to 1, SSL verification is disabled. The driver does not verify the server certificate against the trust store, and does not verify if the server's host name matches the CN or Subject Alternative Names in the server certificate.

  • System does not display message for authentication failure.

  • The com.cloudera.commons.codec.binary.Base64 class does not resolve to the correct dependency.

  • If a connection fails due to there being no information available from the server, a generic system message is shown: “Error setting/closing session: null”. This been resolved, the driver now shows the appropriate connection error message in this scenario.


Getting Started with the Cloudera Driver


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