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[ANNOUNCE] New Impala JDBC Driver Released

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We are pleased to announce the release of Impala JDBC v2.5.31 driver. This release has the following fixes and enhancements:

  • Issues resolved:
    • When translating a query that contains an implicit join, the driver disables the implicit join by using CROSS JOIN syntax.
    • If an invalid server-side property is specified, the driver fails to connect. The driver now posts a warning for the invalid server-side property and continues the connection process.
    • When handling multiple connections at the same time, in some cases the driver returns a conversion error when attempting to convert INT data into Long data.
    • The driver no longer removes hints from queries. To preserve hints, the driver does not translate queries that contain hints even when it is configured to work in translation mode (UseNativeQuery=0).
    • Driver returns error when casting data to type TIMESTAMP.
    • When the Driver.getPropertyInfo() method is called, the driver returns a null pointer exception.
    • Driver casts NULL values to type STRING regardless of the return types specified in the searched CASE expression in the query.


See Release Notes for JDBC for details on all of the fixes.

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