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[ANNOUNCE] New JDBC v2.6.11 Driver for Apache Impala Released

[ANNOUNCE] New JDBC v2.6.11 Driver for Apache Impala Released

Cloudera Employee

We are pleased to announce the release of Cloudera JDBC v2.6.11 driver for Apache Impala. The release has the following resolved issues and enhancements:


Enhancement and New Features

  • [00141482][IMPJ-458] Improved performance of prepared statements with large numbers of parameters. Preparing statements no longer takes exponentially more time for each parameter. Additionally, DatabaseMetaData.supportsBatchUpdates() now returns true.
  • [00138441][IMPJ-443] Always pass UID parameter to server. If the UID parameter is specified in the connection URL, the driver now passes it to the server even when No Authentication is specified (AuthMech=0).
  • [IMPJ-448] The driver now supports Impala versions 1.0.1 through 3.1, and CDH versions 5.0 through 5.16 and 6.0 through 6.1.
  • [00140157][IMPJ-450] The driver now uses version 0.12.0 of the Thrift library.


Resolved Issues

  • [00141235] [IMPH-454] The driver incorrectly treats SSLTrustStore and SSLTrustStorePWD as server-side properties.
  • [IMPJ-444] If a SQL query ends in a semicolon, the driver reports an error. This issue has been resolved. The driver now removes trailing semicolons from queries before sending them to the server


Workflow Changes

The following are breaking changes to driver functionality. These changes may cause some workflows from earlier versions to fail.


2.6.1 - Removed support for JDBC 3 (Java 5)

  • Beginning with this release, the driver no longer supports JDBC 3 (Java 5). Only JDBC 4 (Java 6) and JDBC 4.1 (Java 7) are supported.


Getting Started with the Cloudera Driver


As always, we welcome your feedback. Please send your comments and suggestions to the user group of through our community forums. You can also file bugs through our external Jira projects on


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