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[ANNOUNCE] Packages and Parcels for Apache Kudu 1.4.0 / CDH 5.12.1 Released

[ANNOUNCE] Packages and Parcels for Apache Kudu 1.4.0 / CDH 5.12.1 Released

Cloudera Employee

Cloudera is happy to announce the availability of parcels and packages for Apache Kudu 1.4.0 / CDH 5.12.1. Apache Kudu 1.4.0 / CDH 5.12.1 is a bug fix release, with no new features or backwards incompatible changes.


To upgrade Kudu to 1.4.0 / CDH 5.12.1, see Upgrade Parcels or Upgrade Packages.


Issues Fixed in Kudu 1.4.0 / CDH 5.12.1:


  • KUDU-2085 - Fixed a bug that caused crashes when seeking past the end of prefix-encoded blocks.
  • KUDU-2087 - Fixed an issue where Kudu would fail to start when Kerberos was enabled in FreeIPA-configured deployments.
  • KUDU-2053 - Fixed a race condition in the Java RequestTracker.
  • KUDU-2049 - Fixed an issue where scans on RLE-encoded integer columns would sometimes cause CHECK failures due to the CHECK condition being too strict.
  • KUDU-2052 - Kudu now uses XFS_IOC_UNRESVSP64 ioctl to punch holes on xfs filesystems. This fixes an issue with slow startup times on xfs when hole punching was done via fallocate().
  • KUDU-1956 - Kudu will no longer crash if faced with a race condition when selecting rowsets for compaction.

For a complete list of changes, bug fixes, and known issues, see the Kudu 1.4.0 / CDH 5.12.1 Release Notes.


As always, your feedback is appreciated. For general Kudu questions, visit the community page. If you have any questions related to the Kudu packages provided by Cloudera, including installation or configuration using Cloudera Manager, visit the Cloudera Community Forum.

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