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ADD JAR command from beeline - nsufficient privileges to execute ADD

New Contributor

Hi, I am trying to execute ADD JAR command from beeline and am ending up with error as below. Error: Insufficient privileges to execute ADD (state=42000,code=0) I am able to get it added with out issues using the hive terminal. Note 1. Kerberos is enabled. 2. have multiple roles like admin_role, hive_role etc… could you please give your thoughts to resolve. Thanks. 🙂





This describes the issue you are having. It is a combination of beeline and Sentry security causing this.


The work around we have found was to use the deprecated hive command line (not beeline) which still appears to work with Kerberos and CDH 5.8.2 (latest released).


The "supported" solution is in the first link I put up, basically all users must give the JAR files for Hive UDFs to an admin that can put them in a location that is accessible by all users and whitelisted from Sentry security.