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AWS Load Balancer in Front of 3 Node NiFi Cluster


Is it possible...does it make sense  to place an AWS application load balancer in front of a NiFi cluster?  



@davehkd, to be honest, there is no right or wrong answer to your question. From my point of view, based on my experience with NiFi so far, your answer depends on your use case and what you are trying to achieve.

The question would be what is the purpose of the load balancer in front of nifi? Are you going to use NiFi for something special like having some users call the rest api to trigger some jobs or? Otherwise, the load balancer will only work when you open the GUI.


Or are you considering to use that AWS load balancer as part of NiFi as well (see for cluster load balancing properties), not just in front of your NiFi cluster? In this case, it could make sens but you have to see how you can configure this connection. Have a look here:

That being said, based on my use cases, I would say that it does not make sense to do what you are trying to do .... but this answer could easily be a YES IT MAKES SENSE --> again it depends on what you are trying achieve.


thanks for the reply cotopaul.  I'm still very new to NiFi clusters and was thinking, from a purely cloud architecture perspective, that it typically makes sense to abstract the specific endpoints from the end user.  I'll review the url you provided.  Thanks again for your reply.