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Access Dockerized NiFi UI from remote host

New Contributor

I'm trying to stand up a temporary NiFi server to support a proof of concept demo for a customer. For these types of short lived servers I like to use Docker when possible. I'm able to get the NiFi container up and running with out any issues but I can't figure out how to access its UI from the browser on a remote host. I've tried the following docker run variations:

docker run --name nifi \ -p 8080:8080 \ -d \ apache/nifi:latest

docker run --name nifi \ -p 8080:8080 \ -e NIFI_WEB_HTTP_PORT='8080' \ -d \ apache/nifi:latest

docker run --name nifi \ -p 8080:8080 \ -e NIFI_WEB_HTTP_HOST=${hostname-here} \ -e NIFI_WEB_HTTP_PORT='8080' \ -d \ apache/nifi:latest

My NiFi version is 1.8.0. I'm fairly certain that my problems are related to the host-headers blocker feature added to version 1.5.0. I've seen a few questions similar to mine but no solutions. Is it possible to access the NiFi UI from a remote host after version 1.5.0? Can host-headers blocker be disabled for a non-prod demo? Would a non-Docker install on my server present the same host-headers blocker issues? Should a use 1.4 for my demo and save myself a headache



@Edward Blair I had run nifi docker with docker-compose command. Below link has nice description how to run it.

I had used command as below

docker-compose up --scale nifi=3 -d (this will spawn 3 node nifi cluster)

Since in container nifi is running on port 8080. We can get exposed port with below command.

docker-compose port nifi 8080

Above returns me o/p as

So i can access nifi ui with below url