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Access Titan Graph db for Atlas using Gremlin

I am using Apache Atlas on hortonworks sandbox 2.5. I wish to query the metadata is store in atlas-titan table. Querying the table directory does not provide useful insights into the data stored and hence wanted to use Gremlin or any other tool to query it like a graph database. I have downloaded gremilin CLI but dont know how to connect it to Titan DB Atlas uses.

According to Gremlin docs I need to extract the cli application into database folder. Also need to provide configuration to connect to the database. But cant figure out the location for database or the conf file to execute

Could someone please guide me as how can I access the titan graph database of used to store metadata in Apache Atlas to get information regarding the nodes and vertices stored in it.


Cloudera Employee

The gremlin queries can be fired using the ATLAS search Gremlin REST APIs ( See - If you need to do that through Titan, you need to download Titan 0.5.4 binary and you will have to add and update some libraries which are needed by ATLAS like atlas-titan*.jar and atlas-typesystem*.jar and add them to Titan's lib directory/class path for the gremlin shell to work. It is cumbersome to get it working and I wouldnt recommend going in that direction.

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