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Access to hive table from superset/hiveserver2 in sandbox 3.0.1


I downloaded sandbox 3.0.1 and using right off the bat.

3 databases exist in Hive: default, sys and a demo retail one.

I create a dummy table in default ("create table test (id STRING)") using spark.sql in zeppelin
the table is created and functional.
now, either using superset (hive view replacement) and setting it up to access hive OR external ODBC with hortonworks hive connector, I can see only the demo retail DB and its tables. default seems empty.

On the opposite, if I create a table ("create table test2 (id STRING)") in default from superset, I see it in superset AND in zeppelin/spark.

Can someone help me access the tables created from spark.sql from hiveserver2 and superset ?

Cheers, Arnaud


Expert Contributor

Hi, @Arnaud Bohelay

From HDP 3.0, we have two database catalogs: `hive` catalog (for all transactional tables) and `spark` catalog (for HDP 2.6 style non-transactional tables). You can find the details here.



Thanks, @Dongjoon Hyun however my issue is a bit different: the database « default » is where tables are naturally created from spark.sql for instance. But turns out I cannot set the privileges right in ranger so that tables I create can be seen by hiveserver2 so that it can be accessed.

On the previous sandbox, it was no issue!