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Accessing/Installing Ambari-Shell in HDP2.5 Sandbox


I finally have managed to get the HDP Sandbox to run.

I would like to try out the Ambari-Shell. But I am not quite sure, whether it is already included and - if not - how I have to go about installing it.

Can somebody help?


Super Mentor

@Rebecca Rump

Is there any specific reason that you want to try using "Ambari Shell" ? It's pretty outdated project and there is no recent development happening on that project i guess.

However if you want to use it then you will have to download the JARs seperately or Build the project (ambari-shell) and then start using the JAR via command line (this is because ambari-shell is not available by default with the product).



@Rebecca Rump

Just to add on to Jay's answer if you really want to try it out on the sandbox here is the link