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Accessing Oozie Workflows/Schedules Created by Other Users

New Contributor

Hi all, is there a way in which we can access or override sharing options for Oozie workflows/schedules that have been created by other users (Some of which are no longer available to manually provide the required access, but their WFs are critical and has to be accessible by others to maintain the operation).


Expert Contributor
For the workflows that were created on Hue, you can follow the next steps to export/import the workflows:
>To export:
Go to Documents> Select the workflow(s)> Select the button with three dots and select the Export option
>To import:
Go to Documents> Select the button with three dots and select the Import option.

New Contributor

Thanks @ShankerSharma for the response. Normally Oozie workflows/schedules would appear as entries under the "Hue > Documents" section, but only if the logging account was part of the sharing permissions (Read/Write). However, the subjected documents are not listed and can't be exported as suggested. The only place where we can see them is under "Hue > Job Browser > Schedules > Running" but we can't either see the actual document or do any action (Resume, Suspend, Kill … etc.)