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Accumulo Maven artifacts for CDP 7.1.7

New Contributor

I'm looking to build our client software using the Cloudera Runtime Maven repository but can't find the artifacts for Accumulo.


The artifacts listed for CDP 7.1.7 SP1 lists the Accumulo version as However, the naming convention and the contents of these files makes me think these were built off of Accumulo 1.7 ( The bin folder from the zipped package includes the 1.7 version of the scripts and not the 2.0 version. The scripts start-all and stop-all were replaced with accumulo-cluster for example. The correct Accumulo version that the CDP 7.1.7 SP1 Cloudera Operational Database for Accumulo is built on is Accumulo 2.0.1. So the Accumulo version listed as the official Maven version for CDP 7.1.7 SP1 is not actually compatible with this Cloudera runtime. The information listed at appears to be incorrect.


This document makes me think the version Cloudera tagged this as is 1.0.0. However, the jars in the maven repo have no pom files (example here, making these jars unusable as dependencies in a build.


Does anyone know where the correct, usable Maven repository is for the Cloudera build of Accumulo for CDP 7? Does one exist?