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Add a new HDFS disk to HDP 3.x


Hello everybody,

We are planning to add a new HDFS disk to existing cluster.How can we do that.


Expert Contributor

@Sindhu R

If you want to add more disk to existing datanodes, then you will need to add the new disks to the datanodes and mount them. You will also need to change the property in ambari for datanode dir to include the newly created directories into existing cluster like add the new mountpoints to and restart the datanode.

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New Contributor

i wana add 1 disk to only one datanode in the cluster,(eg. i have 10 datanode (1TB per datanode for hdfs) and i wana have 9 datanode(1TB per node for hdfs)+1 datanode(more than 1TB per node for hdfs) ) so how can i do it ?

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