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Add quicklink to Ambari

Add quicklink to Ambari

New Contributor


How can we add a quicklink for a service in Ambari. For example, if I want to add a quicklink in 'quick links' menu of Hbase service.

I can modify an existing one by editing this file :


But adding a new one don't work.

Ambari version : 2.6.1



Re: Add quicklink to Ambari


@João DC

Have a look at this document it might give you the idea quick links in Ambari

Re: Add quicklink to Ambari

New Contributor

Thanks for your answer. I had seen this document before. But it doesn't really explain how to add a new quicklink.

I guess the problem is related to the 'name' in the 'link' section of the json file (hbase_master_ui for example). I have no idea what to put there for my new quick link.