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Add the new version of Nifi Processor (from 1.5.0) in old Nifi Version (1.2.0)

There is one particular processor as mentioned below I am interested in which has one extra feature in 1.5.0 as compared to 1.2.0 and so I want to use that.

Processor Name: QueryDatabaseTable

Is there any way I can just upgrade the processor or add this processor without upgrading whole NiFi?

I see there are two approaches.

  1. Above processor is stored as the nifi-standard-nar-x.x.x.nar-unpacked file. So just copy the Nar from 1.5.0 and put it on 1.2.0. I am not sure after this if nifi will recognize this new processor version or not?
  2. above processor is part of the following file, and so create a new processor out of it and deploye it on 1.2.0, not sure how complicated it will be though.

would someone let me know which would be a better version and also, where I can find the nar file or source code of above processor, I don't separate nar file for this processor?


If the processor you wanted was in a different NAR that had no other dependencies on other NARs, then it would be fairly easy to copy the 1.5.0 NAR into 1.2.0 NiFi.

In this case, the processor comes from standard NAR which means it is also dependent on standard services NAR, and also means you would get duplicated versions of many processors that would be in both 1.2.0 standard NAR and 1.5.0 standard NAR.

Upgrading your NiFi from 1.2.0 to 1.5.0 would probably be easier than either of the options above.

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