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Adding Kudu to Cloudera quickstart Docker

Rising Star

I am working with the cloudera quickstart image on docker which includes impala but not kudu. I would like to add kudu. What is the best approach? I am currently pursueing #1:


1)go inside the docker, install kudu master and server

2)see that kudu master and server are running

3)I tried to add the " -kudu_master_hosts=localhost " to the /etc/default/impalad file, and restart the impala service, but he does not recognize this flag.

3)Hence failure during create table -> it fails since he considers the word primary key as a syntax error.


I could do it using cloudera manager, using the parcels, but this looks harder to put in a Dockerfile


Using docker-compose : is there a reference somewhere on exactly how to do it?


Or other suggestions? This sounds a standard problem but I did not find any guideline online.




Rising Star

I found the problem: I was working wiht the official cloudera docker image, which is 3 years old and has a version of impala that does not suport kudu yet.

I then grabbed the cdh5.13 image from CLoudera's quickstart website and then it works.

This might help others.


NB: It might be useful if cloudera would make a more recent version available on the official docker repo.