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Admin session expiration error Invalid KDC administrator credentials


I'm trying to kerberos HDP3, installed on CentOS 7, in the "Enable Kerberos" wizard, I got a repetitive dialogue box asking for re-entring the KDC admin credentials with the following message:

"Invalid KDC administrator credentials. Please enter admin principal and password."

Appreciate your support



Super Collaborator

Hi @Mahmoud Sabri,

you need to install and setup MIT kerberos before enabling kerberos in Ambari.

Please follow the below link to install and setup MIT kerberos

Note : while doing MIT kerberos setup you need to create admin principle and password.

Please enter these credentials in enabling ambari kerberos wizard

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@Mahmoud Sabri

This post looks like duplicate hcc thread of the other one.

In HCC it is recommended to have only one thread opened for one issue that way hcc users can responds to dedicated thread.

Better to close one of them.

Thanks, Jay. yes, I've logged it twice by mistake. I'll continue on the other link. any idea how to delete this thread?