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Advanced Update Attribute won't display correctly in NiFi version 1.12.1

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I'm trying to make some modification in my Update Attributes processors on section Advanced in NiFi , but I'm not able to see properly the rules I created before making the upgrade from 1.11.4 to 1.12.1.


Same problem for a new processor added after upgrade.

All I can see is this:Nifi.PNG


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Hello Boenu,
Were you able to resolve this issue, please? We upgraded our NiFi deployment today and are facing the same issue (tested in Firefox and Chrome).

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EDIT: found the related JIRA issues, seems like there is no fix for it, just a workaround 😞

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Beginning with Apache NiFi 1.12 a change was implemented that changed the default anonymous access to static resources to false.  This was done as part of
This change also added the ability to add an additional property to the file to restore the behavior to that of Apache NiFi 1.11 and older versions:

The above restores previous behavior while work is done to change the how NiFi handles access to these static endpoints.  The following Jiras cover that work:


Hope this helps,