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After install HDP 2.2.4 i got as localhost , but i could not connect to it How to change it to


Super Mentor

Super Mentor

@Moussa djamilou

Can you please try the following:

Click on VirtualBox -> Preferences -> Network (on the left menu bar),

Select your NAT network (LocalNat) and Click the Screwdriver icon to the right to edit like we did before when confirming the networking settings for the NAT network. This will bring you back to the NAT networking details window, click on the ‘port forwarding’ button.

Check the network setup and if needed then setup a rule to forward a port on your local machine to the port of your virtual machine.

Name: Sandbox

Protocol: TCP

Host IP: <blank>

Host Port: 8080

Guest IP: ( as in your case )

Guest Port: 8080

Now check if the following URL is accessible?


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@Moussa djamilou

Also please let us a know if there is any specific reason that you want to test HDP 2.2.4 Sandbox ? That is too old.

We have HDP 2.6.3 available on Hortonworks Sandbox now: