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After installing spark2 some spark jobs appears to be running in running state



I have installed spark2 on the server. I do see some jobs are in the running status in resource manager and not getting completed.

the user and name of those job is :

hiveThrift JDBC/ODBC Server

Which are these jobs and why its not getting completed? Is it expected that after installation of spart2 services such as

Spark2 History Server

Livy for Spark2 Server

Spark2 Thrift Server

that these jobs will run?

Kindly help,




@Aditya Sirna and @Jay Kumar SenSharma Can you please help me with this?

@Madhura Mhatre,

Yes, Those are the Thrift servers which will be running forever. You can stop the thrift server from ambari and see that jobs will be stopped. This is the expected behavior.


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